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Veggie Juice Recipe

After harping on about my fantastic Lequip JuicerI thought I should do some top tips on creating a great Veggie Juice Recipe. Veggie juices are a great way to get a good start to your 5 a day, especially when you get the veggie juice in a raw state so all the enzymes and goodness are still in tact.

If you have never tried a veggie juice recipe before then they can be a bit of a shock to the taste buds, especially if you consume alot of fruit juice. So my top tip is to use an apple to give it a sweet kick to start with, then you can gradually ween yourself off this.

Veggies to juice

Veggies to juice

When making any veggie juice recipe, the great news is that you can really use any number of veggie combos it really is just a question of taste. My favourite veggies to juice are:

Celery | Carrot| Beetroot | Cucumber

I love the taste of these veggies but also they are easy to get hold of and have lots of juice to give. On top of this my number one favourite addition is a inch of fresh ginger, gives it a real kick and also great for giving you an energy kick when needed.

I like to make my veggie juices for two people, myself and Phil, although he has a real sweet tooth he loves veggie juices and I get a big smile from him in the morning if he has heard the machine whirring away.

Making a veggie juice…. 1 apple, 2 carrots, stick of celery, few inches of cucumber, 1 fresh beetroot (raw), inch of ginger:

  • Prepare the veggies and apple – wash and peel where required ( I am a lazy peeler – pips and all go in)
  • Chop veggie so they easily fit the machine
  • Process the veggies through the food processor
  • Then add the Ginger, be warned a small piece of ginger goes a long way so its best to do a small piece to start then taste to see if you want more of a Ginger kick.
  • Stir round the juice and consume (drink juice reasonable fast as it can settle funnily)
Veggie juice

Veggie juice

You can be really flexible with veggie juice recipes and its a great way to get extra tasty veggies in your diet.

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