Dairy Free/ Dessert/ Egg Free/ No added sugar/ Wheat Free

FREE From Crumble

I went to a dinner party the other night and was asked to bring a dessert. I had loads of apples in the garden and a few blackberries so after a few minutes of picking and a lot of bramble scratches later I had my harvest for the crumble. Due to my fussy foodie requirements I made two crumbles: a classic crumble recipe and then quickly made up a recipe for a sugar free, dairy free, wheat free crumble and with my first attempt I got lucky.

Free from crumble

Free from crumble

Since the first attempt I have made a couple more and I am now wishing I had written down the ratios for my first go as it has been difficult to get the crumble texture right.

FREE From Crumble Ingredients:

  • Large oats – 1 1/2 cups
  • Rice flour – 1/2 cup
  • Soya Pure or other non dairy spread – big big spoonful
  • Cinnamon – teaspoon
  • Variety of nuts – half a cup

Optional extras:

I am a bit of a winger in the kitchen and tend to not measure things out but go by eye and texture, so am hoping that this works for others.

OK in a blender give the oats a quick blitz, then add the rice flour, cinnamon and blitz. Add the soya pure and pulse until the ingredients are rubbed together. It can look a little more clumpy than a normal crumble mix.

Add in a handful of nuts and blitz until chopped.

At this point you can add in the optional extras, the recipe is great without but a spoonful of sugar free peanut butter gives it a special tasty treat feel and if you need the sweetness you can add a spoonful (to taste) of coconut instead. Add and blitz a final time.

That’s it sugar free, dairy free, wheat free crumble ready to go. Simply pour over some ready prepared fruit, I like apples, frozen mango cubes and a few blackberries. Lay the fruit in a dish and layer up, sprinkle with cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon, then pour over a little bit of water to just cover the bottom of the bowl (this helps the fruit to cook). Pour over the free from crumble mix and bake in oven for around 30mins at 180c.

Me munching on my FREE From Crumble

Me munching on my FREE From Crumble

Love to know what you think of: Sugar FREE, Dairy FREE, Wheat FREE Crumble. I made one last night and have just eaten the rest for a tasy snack!

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    November 21, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Sounds great mate, can’t wait to get home and try it! p.s loving the photos, x x x

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