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Eco developments might have been in the news lately with all the talk of Eco Villages check out this eco development pioneered in 2002. This is a really exciting environmental project that’s been designed to address both environmental and social and economic needs using proven environmental methods for reducing energy and water to provide affordable housing.

BedZed Eco Development

BedZED Eco Development

BedZED development in 2002 was a pioneering eco development, created in partnership with Peabody Trust and BioRegional Development Group. Peabody provides social housing and due to the eco credentials of the development received a reduced price on the site. They essentially negotiated a 10% reduction due to the fore casted savings on carbon dioxide emissions.
Completed in 2002 the BedZED project (Beddington Zero Energy Development) was the UKs first and largest carbon neutral eco development that incorporated innovative approaches to energy conservation and environmental sustainability. The concept being to create a zero fossil energy development one that would produce at least as much energy from renewable sources as it consumes.
BedZED Eco Development

BedZED Eco Development

The eco development’s design had a strong emphasis on reductions in energy and water consumption and included roof gardens, solar energy, and waste water recycling. All the houses are south facing arranged in terraces to maximise heat gain from the sun and being constructed from thermally massive materials, they store heat during warm conditions and release heat in cooler times. Then to cap it all all the buildings are wrapped up warmly in a 300mm insulation jacket (standard is 100mm).
The Bezed eco development claims to have a massive saving 56% of carbon emissions in the home through its energy-efficient design including energy-efficient appliances, solar panels (which supply 11% of the site energy) and it’s community education programme.
BedZED development up close

BedZED development up close

Its been seven years since the BedZED eco development and they’re now being resold at higher prices than similar size local properties. So is this due to the eco-benefits of a home or more the culture that has been created within the development. With communal gardens, football pitches, allotments, community centres and flourishing gardens who would’nt want to live there!

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