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So what do you use when you are trying to do an eco renovation. There are huge extremes with eco renovation, but a little effort really can go along way in helping to save the environment and there are lots of eco solutions with a little investment that will even save you energy and cash long term.

Eco renovation solutions range from energy-saving light bulbs to rainwater harvesting.  So here are some really practical and accessible tips to  help ensure an eco renovation:

  • Re-use – Above all else the best eco method is RE-USE, it uses literally no energy and continues a products life cycle, a real winner all round.
  • Reclaim – Visiting charity shops, ebayand even just talking to family and friends about things you need. It’s amazing how much people throw out, one mans trash really is another ones treasure.
  • Recycle – If you can’t reuse or find a home for unwanted items then you can recycle. Most local recycling centres now have sections for wood, MDF, soil and even plasterboard.
  • Buy stuff to last – A little investment in a better quality product upfront can save you money in the long term and even benefit the environment, as a less durable a product is the more energy and pollution is created from disposing and replacing it.
  • Buy local – Souring local products saves on energy and supports the your local economy, not always practical but check out local retailers as they often have unique items you might not find online and expert advice that you might not get from an online store.
  • Buy renewable – Essentially think “something grown”, ensure what you are buying comes from a sustainable source and buying natural e.g timber, natural fibres, cotton, keeps your home free from toxins like glue often present in materials like MDF.
Restoring original skirting boards

Restoring original skirting boards

Top tip. If you are replacing your heating, then keep any copper pipes that are removed, as a scrap merchant will pay you for these by weight.

With these eco renovation ideas at the heart of your renovation you can really create a unique home and feel happy you are doing your bit to help the environment.

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