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Eco Home Ideas

In the current economic climate, saving energy and therefore money is ever more important. So it’s well worth improving your current home, with the latest eco home ideas, especially as many of them require little investment.
With a few do it yourself eco home ideas you can cut your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

  1. Energy saving bulbs – switching to energy saving bulbs, this does costs round £2 but could save on average £3 per year on your energy bill – typically adding to savings of around £45 over the lifetime of each bulb you buy.
  2. Use a washing line – great eco home idea is turning off your tumble dryer during the summer months possible savings of £16 a year.
  3. Start a compost heap – all round winner, it reduces waste going to landfill and cuts associated greenhouse gas emissions. And your flowers and veg will flourish on free fertiliser. Check out your local council websites, as many offer reduced priced composters.
  4. Fit a jacket to your hot water cylinder – it could save you £40 a year and only costs around £12.
  5. Set up a water butt for the garden – you could collect 100-200 litres of rainwater in a water butt. Water butts cost from around £40-£70.
  6. Fill in cracks – floorboards, skirting boards – as well as stopping draughts, you’ll save around £25 per year on heating. For a typical house it costs around £20. And if you fancy getting your needle and thread out, a home made draught excluder works wonders and is a really cost effective eco home idea.
  7. Top up your loft insulation to 270mm – reduces heat loss,  currently costs about £200, and will pay for itself in around 4 years. Again check with local council as there are loft insulations grants avalible.
  8. Insulate your hot water pipes – lagging for pipes costs less than £10, and you could get that back in savings every year.
  9. Fit radiator panels against the back of radiators – it’ll make them more effective by reflecting heat back into the room.
  10. Fit secondary glazing to your windows – if you’re not going for double glazing, an extra layer inside your current windows is an effective alternative. It will save money by cutting heat loss and draughts.

Home made draught excluder

Home made draught excluder

Giving these eco home ideas a go, really could help save our planet and if that isnt motivation enough they could save you a  few pounds too.

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    January 11, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    They have some fantastic stylish draught exluders at Strawberry Fool.

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