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Lequip Juicer

When I first found out I had candida and needed to remove all sugars from my diet including fruit for a period of time. I had to get my juice fix somehow – so it was veggie juices to the rescue and time to buy a Lequip Juicer and I havent looked back. Veggie juices are the best – tasty, loaded with goodness and the right veggie combos with give a natural energy kick

Lequip Juicer

Lequip Juicer

Lequip Juicer the Low Down:

  • Budget around £90.00
  • Quick to clean aslong as you do it straight after juicing
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Launched in the US in 2001 to rave reviews
  • Awarded ‘Best Buy’ in the Independent Newspaper’s juicer review for two consecutive years
  • Fine strainer gives a less pulpy juice than competition, with less foam.

Buy from: Amazon – L’Equip Juicer

Well I have had my Lequip Juicer for over 2 years now and it’s not let me down yet and being some that’s really heavy handed that is saying something. Highly recommend the Lequip juicer is a middle of the road budget but the little extra spend will mean it last and lasts. The actual veggie juice is a really high quality and really filters out all the bits and pieces. I never bother peeling most things and it handles this really well, pips and all!

The Lequip Juicer has special system that ejects the pulp into a separate container through the rear of the juicer, allowing continuous juicing without the inconvenience of emptying an internal pulp collector.

Despite its compact design, the Lequip juicer features a heavy duty universal motor, providing the most power and highest efficiency of any other juicer in its class. It is suitable for juicing fruits & vegetables and even carries a 6 Year Guarantee!

Cleaning the Lequip Juicer

If you have ever had a juicer then you will know that easy cleaning is a must. The Lequip Juicer features a high-quality (dishwasher-proof) stainless steel bowl, blade and basket so is is genuinely one of the easiest juicers to clean.

No special cleaning tools are required or fiddly components to clean. It comes apart very easily and it just needed a rinse through. The filter needed an extra scrub to ensure the best juicing but if you clean it straight after juicing its a breeze.

Lequip Juicer Review Summary

All in all, I have to say that I’m very very impressed with the Lequip Juicer. It’s well worth spending a little bit extra for quality.

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