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Whether your project is a porch extension, extensive property makeover, new build house or large office development, employing a company with Architectural Services, really can make a difference to the end result.And the great news is, that using Architectural Services might not need as much money as you think, so before you start a project get some quotes.
Architectural Services companies have loads of experience dealing with the local authorities and planning consultants and can put you in touch with all relevant consultants and professionals; Structural Engineers, Environmental Consultants, Planning Consultants, Contractors and other specialists.
Architectural Services companies are a great source of advice and information and most will give you a free visit to quote for the work. Not only are these important when deciding which Architectural Service company to use but can help as they will often have different ideas and approaches. Architectural Service can also help:

  • Get applications through the planning approval process, often have established relationship with local planning authorities
  • Give design ideas and concepts that can have great capacity to add value to your property
  • Develop detailed design producing guaranteed build costs
  • Visualise finished project with the 3D software
  • Advise you on any limitations that you are likely to encounter in the Planning and Building Regulations process
  • Supply structural calculations for any steelwork required to meet the satisfaction of the local Authority Building Control Service for any Home Extension.

Architectural services - AM Architectural Design Ltd

Architectural services - AM Architectural Design Ltd

Photo Warwickshire Architect – AM Architectural Design Ltd
Architectural Services really can provide homeowners with great advice when extending your home. From information on Planning and Building Regulations approvals to advice on hiring builders.

Finding Architectural Services

While each Architectural Service firm has their own unique approach to their work, its important to find a firm that fit your needs. Be clear of your needs and goals when you are searching for your architectural firm. The more time you spend defining what you want the more you are likely to get from the initial Architectural Services visit.
As extending your home is often about feelings, spacing and personal need, it can be a very emotive aswell as financial decision, when deciding which Architectural Services firm to employ. So it’s important the chemistry is right to ensure that you get your visions realised. 
We have lots of local Architectural services firms across the UK – UK Architectural Services and if you need more help with finding or employing Architectural services get in touch.

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  • Reply
    ben smith
    May 22, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    I agree with the article. However, the term Architectural Services is a catch all phrase that any one can use, regardless of skill, qualifications or status.
    I would suggest caution when approaching any company and do your homework on them, bearing in mind a lot of work is based on relationships.
    Architects have to be registered with the Architects Registration Board and the use of the title Architect is protected by law, strangely the phrase Architectural Services is not.
    I would always recommend a professional (Architect or Architectural Technician) who has insurance, skill and reputation.

  • Reply
    May 26, 2009 at 7:50 am

    Thanks Ben for the comments, exactly right and something people can be confused or misinformed about. Article that might be of interest: Becoming an Architect

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